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Yes you can. The cooldowns to claim the rank's kit are shared between the servers.

Yes. Gems and Shop Points balances are shared across all servers. If you earn Shop Points on one server, you can spend them on other Limitless servers.

You can change your name using the '/color' command. Type it in-game chat to view examples.

Please create a ticket on our website

Look at a sign and type /sil 'url to any image here' (without quotes) to paste an image onto a sign. Image url has to end with .jpg/.jpeg/.png to work. Example: /sil

You can purchase multiple different ranks, but you can't buy more than one of the same rank. The only advantage of purchasing multiple ranks is access to multiple kits. You will get highest rank's Shop Points/hour reward. For example, after purchasing Legend and Elite ranks, you will get Legend's perks, 150 Shop Points/hour and Legend & Elite /kits.